34 of the Most Beautiful French Ombre Nails- 2020

The French ombre is a beautiful nail trend that has now become a mandatory look. You will use classic French manicure colors to achieve the French ombre design. Instead of creating a light color with white tips, you should look for the two-tone ombre look that we all know and love. We found 34 of the most beautiful French ombre nails you need to show how beautiful this nail design is and inspire you. Let’s start with this simple and elegant French look. The nails are square with a light mixture of ombre. Nails like this are perfect for women who love classic French manicure, but want to try something new. It is a slender, elegant and beautiful way to use the trend of ombre nails.

You can revive your ombre nails by adding glitter and gems! There is a good example here. These nails have a beautiful French ombre nail and crystal design with two sparkling nails. You can use any color of glitter and jewelry while recreating the look.

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