40+ fun colorful eyeshadow samples for makeup lovers- 2020

Beautiful and perfectly mixed eyeshadow has something very magical and fascinating. You know, the shadow that looks almost velvety as if it had been blown lightly over each eyelid with small gusts of wind. But as everyone knows who has tried to apply eye shadow, it is not so easy to apply, and most of the time your attempts at eye shadow look more like an arts and crafts project than a masterpiece.

Eyeshadow is one of those makeup techniques that takes time, practice and patience to master. Lipstick is (relatively) simple – after all, your lips tell you which lines to follow – and there are only so many ways to get a cat’s attention. However, the shade needs a little more refinement. With a perfect eye shadow, it is clear that it is important to choose the best shades for the color, shape and blend of the eyes. And while we are all in favor of you doing things your way, some tips and tricks to help you find the look you love are not wrong.

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